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RF connectors transmit radio frequency signals of products like radios, antennas, coaxial cables, etc. These are a variety of RF connector types. The most used are N and SMA connectors in the Wi-Fi and cellular transmission systems.

RF Connectors N SMA Radio Frequency Connectors

Type N connectors are threaded, weatherproof, medium-sized connectors for durable applications that can easily handle frequencies up to 11 GHz. Type N connectors are widely used in rugged Wi-Fi and cellular frequency systems.

SMA connectors (Sub-Miniature version A connectors) are semi-precision coaxial RF connectors operating up to 18 GHz. Some proprietary versions are rated at 26.5 GHz. It is commonly used in RF power amplifiers, RF isolators, microwave systems, mobile telephone antennas, and Wi-Fi antenna systems.